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Lived-In Style - Playing Dress-Up

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Lived-In Style - Playing Dress-Up

Discover savvy tips for buying vintage clothing, straight from a dealer’s mouth

by Shelby Deering

As a one-time art teacher, it’s no wonder that Brooke Bailey has forever been drawn to all-things-visual. These days, she’s wearing the art though, in the form of stunning vintage clothing which she purveys through her business, Carny Couture. Her love for vintage started at a young age when she’d hit up rummage sales at local churches with her mom, who taught her all about quality and good fabric. Their hunts for cashmere, silk, and linen served as an early education for the ins and outs of vintage clothing. Today, she plays host to nearly 10,000 Instagram followers (@carnycouture) and is a fan favorite at vintage shows. She weighs in on some of her best tricks of the trade.


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