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Self-expression through adornment has long been a form of meditation for Brooke Bailey, the founder and creative behind Carny Couture.

Brooke was raised perusing rummage sales, with after school stints pricing miniscule doilies in a lace shop under the careful tutelage of her mother and her mother’s cronies. From a background studying, producing and teaching fine art Brooke eventually threaded her way back into the vintage world, cobbling together an almost instinctive drive to create spaces and the characters who embody these spaces. ‘Who is that aspirational person and what would their entire world look like?’ is a question Brooke asks herself as she sources for the store. Leaning into the potential of inanimate objects and adornments to nurture meaningful relationships, a glimpse into the larger conversation around sustainability and the value of aesthetics is Brooke’s primary focus and drive.

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