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Do you have a retail store?

What if I really want to try something on before buying?

I saw an item yesterday that I really liked, but I don’t see it today. What happened?

How many more items do you have at your studio?

Can I visit your studio and just take photos of some inspiration pieces?

Do vintage clothes smell funky?

Do you sell wholesale?


What credit cards do you accept?

How can I change my order?

How can I check the status of my order?


How fast do you ship?

What's your shipping method?

Do you ship internationally?

My package appears to be lost in the mail. Can you help?


What's your return policy?

What if my item doesn’t fit?

Press, Hiring & Aunt Edie

Do you mind if I re-post your images on Instagram?

Are you hiring?

My aunt just passed away. Do you want to buy her clothes?