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LA Times

Our list of over 80 women-owned businesses in L.A. From plants to clothes to architecture

by Lisa Boone
3 Mar 2021

We’ve been fortunate to meet some of L.A.’s most creative female entrepreneurs over the years, from celebrated architects to ceramists who work out of their home studios.

We’ve met their shop dogs, their kids — even their chickens — and been humbled by their creativity. Kelly Wearstler may be one of the nation’s most glamorous interior designers, but we’ll never forget the timewe took her bargain shopping at Cost Plus World Market. (She splurged on a black-and-white African pattern rug for $119.)

In honor of International Women’s Day on March 8, we’ve assembled a list of women-owned businesses in and around Los Angeles with a focus on architecture, fashion, interiors, landscape design and houseplants.

Lived-In Style

Discover savvy tips for buying vintage clothing, straight from a dealer’s mouth

by Shelby Deering
13 Feb 2021

As a one-time art teacher, it’s no wonder that Brooke Bailey has forever been drawn to all-things-visual. These days, she’s wearing the art though, in the form of stunning vintage clothing which she purveys through her business, Carny Couture. Her love for vintage started at a young age when she’d hit up rummage sales at local churches with her mom, who taught her all about quality and good fabric. Their hunts for cashmere, silk, and linen served as an early education for the ins and outs of vintage clothing. Today, she plays host to nearly 10,000 Instagram followers (@carnycouture) and is a fan favorite at vintage shows. She weighs in on some of her best tricks of the trade.

CLUTCH Magazine

Carny Couture moves to larger space in West Adams

by Mayiko Naito
26 Mar 2020

Carny Couture used to share a large warehouse in Atwater Village near the Griffith Observatory, but now they have opened their own store. The location is in West Adams, an area just west of downtown.

As I walked through the residential area, I found a new Carny Couture with a big entrance and a feeling of liberation. A very open atmosphere where everyone suddenly steps in. Furniture and interior goods are lined up in the foreground.

LA Times

From rugs to aged Levis, shop for must-have vintage items at this new West Adams store

by Lisa Boone
26 Sep 2019

Brooke Bailey has always dreamed of a minimalist lifestyle but admits it’s just not in her DNA.

“I am a nester,” Bailey says with a sly smile. “I like 1930s and ’40s quilts and textiles, camp blankets, woods and natural fibers.”

She also likes romantic Victorian tops, vintage rugs and the Japanese ceramics she sources from estate sales, local flea markets and the Brimfield Antique Flea Market in Massachusetts.

“Jewelry, home and clothes all overlap,” Bailey says. “Buy impulsively,” she adds with a laugh. “It’ll all work out.”


Meet Trailblazer Brooke Bailey and Johnny

8 Oct 2018

Brooke, Johnny, please share your story with us. How did you get to where you are today?
My husband Johnny and I have a delightful shop-within-a-shop in Atwater Village called Carny Couture. It’s nestled inside La Commune General and shares space with Pickpocket Vintage. We are essentially three businesses under one roof. This allows us to cross-pollinate our clientele, provide ample shopping opportunities for our customers and share the working hours so that we can replenish often keeping our regulars excited about new arrivals every few days!