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Petit Squash Blossom Necklace


Naja  centerpiece framed by 18 total squashblossoms.  Naja is the Navajo word for crescent.  The symbol is said to have come from the Moorish people to Spain and then the Navajo tribes in North America.  Often times najas are combined with squash blossoms and Navajo pearls as in this example.  

Beautiful construction, hand-made probably circa 1940’s.  There is no signature as was common in the earlier years.  The naja is ingot silver.  Small turquoise center top of naja and two nicely stamped pieces on either side of the naja base.

Material: Sterling Sterling & Turquoise 

Necklace length 19”
Blossoms 5/8” long
Naja 1 3/4”(w) x 1 5/8”(h)