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1910’s Pink Silk Camisole

Soft pink silk camisole.  Perfect paired with denim or linen.  So old and delicate (early 1900’s) and yet in such beautiful pre-loved condition.  These are the pieces that excite us for standing the test of time.  In fact, all summer long we will be wearing versions of this exact camisole.  When fall comes we love layering them with cozy hand-knit cardigans.

Please note all detail and condition in attached images and realize these garments, while not perfect, are better than perfect in that they have a history and story.  The bottom elastic has dried up and we liked how it weighted the hem.  Left as found as we generally choose to do on these special garments.

No label.

Best fits s|m
Width 18.75"
Between straps 8.25"
Strap drop 6.5"
Length 10.5"