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Sheer Antique Lace and Silk Dress

Probably one of the most romantic Gatsby-era negligees we have yet to come across.  Pair with a light weight slip and wear as a summer evening cocktail dress.  Silk ribbon cinch at waist left to your disgression, but we prefer it tied looser in the typical 1920's styling.  Perfect hot night speakeasy attire.  

Label:  None

Fabric:  Lace and Silk

Era:  1920/30's

Size:  Small

Measurements:  Length 44" shoulder to hemline  |  Chest 18" flat at base of armholes |  Arms 9" flat  |  Shoulder to waist 13" (high waist)

Condition:  Good.  Tiny pinholes.  Virtually unnoticeable when wearing.