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Double Medallion Necklace

Sterling silver St. George ornate antique medallion with enameled sterling religious Christ medallion on a sterling chain. 

What we love about St. George is how very little is truly known about him. Supposedly a Roman soldier of Greek & Roman descent. Raised as a Christian he became a martyr and was put to death by thwarting the Roman religion of the time and not disavowing God. The dragon (represented on the medallion) he is said to have slain could be an actual animal like a crocodile that supposedly kept the city of Silene from receiving water. The town began offering humans randomly chosen to the beast. George saved the Kings daughter from this, slayed the “dragon” thus converting the entire town to Christianity. George eventually becomes a patron Saint, yet the facts are scant. It is the lack of historical proof of existence and detail that most ignites our curiosity. Was George a living being or a representative of an ideal?

Weight: 5g

Length 19 inches
Silver medallion diameter 3/4 inch
Blue medallion diameter 3/8 inch