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Early 20th Century Jet Mourning Bracelet


A very special antique, Victorian era textured black jet bead and rolled rose gold link bracelet. Fits xs/s wrist.

Jet is a semi-precious organic gemstone and mineraloid. It derives from the decomposition of wood. In that way it is similar to coral, amber and pearls. Whitby jet mined in England was used to create everyday items such as buttons, beads and jewelry like this bracelet during the Victorian era (1837-1901), however the use and examples of jet date to archaeological finds as far back as Neolithic times (10,000 BC-2,200 BC). Popularity of jet adornments was ignited by Queen Victoria following Prince Alberts passing in 1861 when she wore carved jet mourning jewelry.

Jet is said to have beneficial healing properties in treating inflammation, migraines & hormonal imbalance. It is said to offer clarity regarding changing negative thought patterns, emotional strength and aids in turning energy from negative to positive.

Avoid perfume/harsh chemicals. Clean with warm water and soft bristle.

Length 6 1/4”

Condition: Good. Some chipping and wear on the jet glass beads (see photos).