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Antique Russian Crystal Egg 18K Pendant


1900’s or earlier Russian intricate hand-painted Essex crystal egg with 18k buttery yellow gold and clear crystal at reverse. Jump ring not original.


The story:  “given to Grand Duchess Maria Nikolaevna of Russia, third daughter of Tsar Nicholas II, in 1911 for her 12th birthday. The delicate lamb signifies being a loved member of the flock (family) and the light blue ribbon around its neck represents dreams and aspirations. This rare and beautiful pendant was cherished by Maria until her passing during the Revolution of 1917.”*

3/4"(h) x 1/2"(w) x 1/2"(d)

Condition: Good. Scratches and small nicks on the surface (see photos) commiserate with age and wear.

*when you ask for a story we’re happy to give you one. This, however, is pure fiction and we hope you enjoyed it.