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1940's Japanese reversible souvenir jacket

A fantastic embroidered 1940/50’s reversible satin Japanese Souvenir Jacket.

Highly collectible. Extremely soft and wearable. You basically get two looks for the price of one with this marvelous bomber style zip-up! We especially love this color combination of rich green on one side and vibrant blue and gold on its reverse. The green side features white sleeves with green contrasting stripes and the pockets have the “smiley“ style corners. The embroidery is beautiful, spanning both front and back of both sides. Vivid colors depict a map of Japan, tiger, dragon, Hiroshima and more.

There are plenty of reproductions out there. This is NOT A REPRODUCTION! This is the real deal and you can feel it in the texture of the satin and see it in the drape of the jacket. Not to mention the wonderful old zipper. Not too puffy like some or really thin and chintzy like others.

Condition is good. Not pristine by any means. A section of the sleeve was partially reattached and repaired by hand. This has had some wear and there’s some snagging here and there. Happy to send more pictures, but full disclosure, it is for someone who appreciates history and patina! Left pocket on green side has a hole in it. Ample wear and many years left on this! Goes great with denim and also a flirty fun dress. Appropriate for women or men.

Fits great on a size small-medium for a drapey fit. Please see below measurements for specifics.

Front (base of collar to bottom): 21”
Back (base of collar to bottom): 22”
Chest (armpit to armpit): 20”
Sleeve (base of collar to cuff opening): 29”

Condition: Good used, see description and photos.