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1920's Hand Darned Woolen Knickers


Tweed breeches or jodhpurs that have been heavily darned in-house at Carny Couture studios.

Button reads “you can’t tear”. This makes us laugh because apparently you can, with a little help from moths and time.

Upcycling and reimagining old clothing is what we love best about vintage. It is taking a garment that some would consider trash and throw out and turning it into an art form.

Many cultures throughout the world, in particular peasant people, the essential workers, have perfected this art. We draw so much of our creating inspiration from these people. It is their utilitarian ways that fascinate us most.  Their lives necessitate preservation, pride of ownership and hard working ethics. They often unknowingly create so much beauty dexpire strife and poverty. To us it is the most raw, rare beautiful and soulful art.

Fabric: Wool
Fit: XS/S up to 28” waist.

Measurements (flat):
Waist 14 inches (can be adjusted smaller)
Hips 21 inches
Rise 10.5 inches
Inseam 17 inches
Length 26 inches
Leg opening 6.5 inches (can be adjusted smaller)

Condition: Excellent. Extensive darning as repair and art form.