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We’re looking for a vibrant self-starter to help at our retail location with sales, merchandising and photo shoots. In this role, you would assist customers, process sales and help the creative director with merchandising and marketing. The ability to sew would also be helpful for garment repair and prototype construction.

Carny Couture is a curated collection of vintage clothing, accessories and lifestyle items spanning the last century. Our focus is on timelessness, quality of construction and integration into the modern aesthetic. Carny Couture sells to a range of customers including retail, wholesale and clothing brands (that use our garments for design inspiration.) We’re located in an exciting area of West Adams filled with creatives and we’re just 2 blocks from an Expo line station.

If you’re a positive and dependable person who communicates well and appreciates natural materials and fashion design, we’d love to hear from you! Please send an introduction and resume to: